Shi Ke was born 1964 in Hubei Province, China. In 1985 she took part in the examinations of the Central Drama Academy of Beijing and was being selected as one of ten new students out of 6000 contestants. After graduation she quickly rose to national prominence in films such as Sha shou qing (A killer's love) and Yiao guen qing nian (Rock'n' Roll Youth) and became a teenage idol. With numerous starring roles in TV and a reputation for a standout singing talent in the Chinese 1990 musical Richu (Sunrise) she won the multitalented performer ringing award. Her career almost crashed down in 1995 during some false accusation and Cultural Revolution-style political campaign against her. There was a controversal dispute between the first privately financed stage play and the government owned theatre troupe, but Shi Ke steadfastly endured this year of nationwide media blackout. This incident made her even more well known than before and could not remove her stardom. She made several movies, plays, TV shows and outstanding performances in stage plays and  is now recognized as a successful and powerful artist and one of the important celebrities in China. She has met the director Xiaolu Guo in the late 90s in Beijing, UFO IN HER EYES is her first international arthouse film.

Udo Kier has acted successfully in over 160 American and European productions, working with a number of important directors such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, he has also been in all of Lars von Trier's movies since 1987. He has collaborated with many other acclaimed directors including Dario Argento, Wim Wenders, Gus van Sant and Werner Herzog, to name a few. In the last two years he has been in 7 Productions, from playing the pope in the highly acclaimed TV Mini Series "THE BORIGIA" directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel,  playing Béla Bartók in a turkish production directed by Ali Özgentürk, in Lars von Tries "Melancholia", beside Isabella Rossellini in "Keyhold" directed by Guy Maddin and the latest he played the leader on the movie "Iron Sky" by Timo Vuorensola.

Toronto International Film Felstival
Official Selection 2011
Shi Ke & Udo Kier in
a film by Xiaolu Guo
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