Mocky (real name Dominic Giancarlo Salole) is a Canadian–born musician with a reputation for eclectic songs, humour and blending musical depth with a pop sensibility. Although he is mostly known for his pop and electronic albums and wildy entertaining live shows he is also a multi-instrumentalist, drummer, producer and songwriter. He is widely renowned for his collaborations with Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Feist or Peaches. This soundtrack is his first work as a composer for a film.

“Mocky dwells in his own musical universe, swathed in an air of mystery, and his unique vibe has charmed many a critic, fellow musician, and discerning fan. His is a land of soul minimalism, his sparse, leisurely compositions drawing upon funk, Afro-beat, free jazz, classical, and whatever else might curry his flitting (but not fleeting) fancy. While dealing mostly in instrumentals, when Mocky injects words into the mix, he does so with a Nick Drake-esque feather touch, in both his vocals and his lyrics.” (All Music Guide)

Solo Albums


Toronto International Film Felstival
Official Selection 2011
Shi Ke & Udo Kier in
a film by Xiaolu Guo
corazón international
Side Notice