Simple woman Kwok Yun leads a peasant's life in the peaceful mountains around remote Three-Headed Bird Village. She lives with her grandfather and works as a laborer. She has no dreams of a different life, no great plans for the future.

One day, after a countryside tryst with a married man, Kwok Yun sees a UFO - a giant glowing thing in the shape of a dumpling! Later that same day, she also helps a snake-bitten American businessman, who disappears as mysteriously as the UFO.

The ambitious village leader Chief Chang uses Kwok Yun's unexpected events for political gain. She stimulates tourism with UFO tours and gets the local economy roaring with progress. Busy aspiring to strengthen relations with the USA, she is blind to the dangers such radical change can bring, especially to the environment. 

Kwok Yun is also transformed into the shining example of a "model peasant." She is promoted and groomed for a bright new future by pushy Chief Chang. But Kwok Yun's heart is whispering that she's destined for something more than the government's power-hungry plans...

Toronto International Film Felstival
Official Selection 2011
Shi Ke & Udo Kier in
a film by Xiaolu Guo
corazón international
Side Notice